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Our goal is to monitor or clone the account of your cheating spouse without their consent

We are exceptionally proud of providing cloning excellence to monitor cheating spouse on Android and iOS devices carriers, TPA (third party administrators), without the victims consent


Clearing of Long Terms Loans

With special tools for this. We will clear your short and long term loans and give you a good credit scores to take more loans , we will always be here to clear them anything you want. You only need to provide the receipt for the loans. And we get this done for you. We’ve been doing this for ages and it’s been working perfectly. Take your mind off your loan and contact us today.


Adjusting School (University) Grades

If you got low gross point scores in your school and you’re already in your final year. We know exactly what to do to lift up your score and you graduate with better points. We can do this for any University, Colleges , Technical schools and lots more. We only need the name of the school, your department and your number. Contact us today for more details. You will be amazed as we adjust the scores from the school portal. All this will be done from the school admin portal without any implications.


Credit Card Top-up

 If you’re low on credit and you needed money on your credit card. We can help you run mobile top up on your credit card through a legit credit account with no contact. All you need to do is to follow this up and contact us today. We always here to serve you best.

05 – BitCoin Recovery

We help to recover your lost bitcoin password even if you don’t have enough information to retrieve the password. We only need you to give us the wallet and any other details you have about the forgotten password and I assure you we help to retrieve the password within few hours. We also help to recover lost bitcoin investment that is , any one who already lost so much in bitcoin investment either by self or by someone. We will recover more than you lost during the investment. We experts on this

04 – Children Monitoring

 Most parents needs this based on my experience on the children of this days. You need to monitor the types of friends they move with , what they doing secretly so as not to put you and themselves in problems that can damage them or the whole families for ever . They will never get to know their phones is been monitored even when they in school. The service is needed in all homes to ascertain exactly what they doing without been around them. We can talk better on this service once you’re ready.

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Overseeing all field operations are experienced case managers and investigative specialists who will assist you throughout the process to provide you with the superior level of support that you the customer demands.

  • Mobile Phone Monitoring
  • Instagram Account Monitoring
  • Snapchat Account Monitoring

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What we do is negotiate on what services you are requesting and our fees is not expensive at all.

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Your security matters.

Clearing of Criminal Records:

Due to silly past mistakes by your workers or you own errors. You might be having low reputation as far as your record is concerned on the internet and this depreciate your level of trust and affect further contracts cos this publicly affect your reputation. We will clear all record used to dent your image online and no one will ever get to see the bad records again. We clear forever and your status online will be fascinating.

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Utmost 46%
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Our goal is to monitor both android and iOS without having contact with the remote phone device.​

We are always here to monitor any cheating spouse who has been hiding so much much on his or her phone. We help you track their location , text messages, call logs , nude pics and so on to know exactly what they’ve been hiding on their phones without their consent. We use our tracking device to spy on their without installing any app on the phone. The target doesn’t need to download any app or visit any site. All our program is done remotely without having physical access. All we require is the phone number and also the phone type depending on what information you requested.

Our goal is to monitor both android and iOS without having contact with the remote phone device.​

LinkedIn Account Monitoring

All we require is the username on what information you requested.

WhatsApp Account Monitoring

All we require is the phone number and also the phone type depending on what information you requested.

Instagram Account Monitoring

All we require is the instagram account username aslo it’s depending on what information you requested.

Twitter Account Monitoring

All we require is the username depending on what information you requested.

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