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Our service includes Phone monitoring app on cheating spouse. Apps to monitor text messages, call logs , GPS location, WhatsApp message and more.

Our goal is to monitor both android and iOS without having contact with the remote phone device.​

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Call Log & Ambiance Call Recording

We are specialized on recording phone calls of your suspected cheating spouse once you have the phone number & other details… Contact us for more info on getting this done

WhatsApp Messages Monitoring

Due to the access we have on whatsapp end to end encryption application, All you need to do is to contact us to know more about this service.

Text/Retrieval of Deleted Text Messages

We also offer services on how to check your cheating spouse text messages, and retrieve deleted text messages of over 15 months and above as per your request.

Lost BitCoin Wallet Retrieval

Many have lost their bitcoin wallet due to data lost or misplaced phone device, We’re here to help you recover your bitcoin wallet. Also those that have lost their bitcoin to wrong bitcoin investment we have professionals to help recover all your lost bitcoin and help secure your wallet.

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Overseeing all field operations are experienced case managers with ethical hackers who will assist you throughout the process to provide you with the superior level of support that you the customer demands.

  • Mobile Phone Monitoring
  • Instagram Account Monitoring
  • Snapchat Account Monitoring

Our goal is to monitor both android and iOS without having contact with the remote phone device.​

We are always here to monitor any cheating spouse who has been hiding so much much on his or her phone. We help you track their location , text messages, call logs , nude pics and so on to know exactly what they’ve been hiding on their phones without their consent. We use our tracking device to spy on their without installing any app on the phone. The target doesn’t need to download any app or visit any site. All our program is done remotely without having physical access. All we require is the phone number and also the phone type depending on what information you requested.

About the company

Cyberspyclown is an ethical oriented phone monitoring hacker sector with over 200+ staffs and 90 sub companies around the world.

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What we do

You can count on us at cyberspyclown, Your need is our goal.

  • Encrypted Files Monitoring
  • Laptop & Mobile Monitoring
  • Password Breaching & Retrieval
  • Social Media Account Retrievals
  • Bitcoin Account Retrievals
  • Other Crypto Currency Wallet Retrievals

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